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Investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor

Aman Saggu.

SeptemberTrader. Ethereum-Entwickler:innen haben satte sechs Jahre an dem Monsterprojekt gearbeitet, immer wieder wurde das Datum nach hinten verschoben. Technisch gesehen hat sich das ausgezahlt.

Wenn Sie Fragen oder Kommentare haben, können Sie sich gerne direkt an Dr. Aman Saggu wenden. In Aprilthe British government announced plans to recognise stablecoins as a valid form of payment in the United Kingdom.


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that have their value pegged to other assets, such as the US Dollar or gold. They are widely used to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges and to pay for peer-to-peer financial services in the decentralised finance DeFi economy.

investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor

It was created in by the private company Tether Ltd. In classical finance, when central banks create new money known as monetary expansionasset values investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor rise, but when they destroy money known as monetary contractionasset values usually fall. Do Bitcoin prices react the same way when Tether creates USDT process known as minting and destroys USDT known as burning?

investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor

The article identifies every USDT minting and burning event on every blockchain ever used by Tether Tether mints new USDT on a blockchain in exchange for US dollars when its clients, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, request it. Clients can also redeem USDT for US dollars, in which case the USDT are burned.

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For this reason, the published article builds on the assumption that investors view USDT minting as good news and USDT burning as bad news because these events signal higher or lower underlying demand for cryptocurrency and DeFi services. To evaluate the impact of these events on Bitcoin prices, the article identifies every USDT minting and burning event on every blockchain ever used by Tether over the to period.

investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor

Tether may play a role similar to that of a central bank in the cryptocurrency economy, as indicated by the rise in Bitcoin prices following their addition of liquidity. The findings, although unexpected, are consistent with the FOMO fear of missing out phenomenon that has been documented in cryptocurrency finance, where investors are more likely to react to positive news such as Tether minting USDT than negative news such as USDT redemptions.

Bitcoin prices respond more strongly to Tether minting events during good times bull markets, strong sentiment, and greed than during bad times times of bear markets, low sentiment, and fear.

investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor

Investors do not react to unfavourable news such as Tether burning USDTwhether it occurs in a bull or bear market. The Influence of Noch in ethereum investieren Alert When Tether mints USDT, investors generally do not respond. When Whale Alert tweets the events, Bitcoin prices increase from 5 to 30 minutes Investors require technical expertise and computing infrastructure to continuously monitor blockchains for important events.

Nach Angaben von MicroStrategy hatte das Unternehmen zum September kumulierte Wertminderungen in Höhe von etwa 2 Milliarden Dollar. Im Earnings Call bekräftigte der Präsident und CEO von MicroStrategy, Phong Le, die langfristige Hodling-Strategie des Unternehmens und teilte mit: "Wir haben bis heute keinen Bitcoin verkauft. Um unsere Strategie zu wiederholen: Wir wollen Bitcoin erwerben und langfristig halten.

They may, however, find much of this information via Whale Alert, which tracks millions of transactions across many blockchains and publicly announces notable cryptocurrency movements on Twitter.

As of JulyWhale Alert had over 2.

Und zwar mit einer satten Finanzierungsrunde von 80 Millionen Dollar in der Series B, die die auf dem Lightning Network basierende Payment-App aufs nächste Level heben soll. Vor allem geht es darum, Bitcoin als Zahlungsmittel in Online-Shops salonfähig zu machen.

This is the first research article to show that Whale Alert announcements of important events can influence cryptocurrency markets. The article reveals that it is not USDT mints that investors react to i.

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Only then Bitcoin prices increase from 5 to 30 minutes — especially during periods of bull markets, high sentiment, and greed. This demonstrates that investors pay close attention to Whale Alert tweets, which have the potential to move markets.

investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor

The speed of investor response to news announcements is similar to that observed in the gold market, which shows that Whale Alert can influence cryptocurrency markets in a similar way to major news outlets in traditional finance. Implications of Research For investors, the findings could present an opportunity.

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By following Whale Alert, high-frequency traders could potentially profit from short-term increases in the price of Bitcoin in the 5 to 30 minutes after Whale Alert tweets about Tether minting USDT — especially during bull markets. However, it should be borne in mind that these historical results do not necessarily investing in cryptocurrency 2022 cryptocurrency crypto investor true in the future.

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Policymakers considering the adoption of central bank digital currencies CBDCs should be aware of the importance of timely, transparent communication about their activities to the public. Moreover, they should urge caution that market behaviours such as FOMO could be transmitted into traditional financial markets.

Investing In Bitcoin In 2022... A Good Idea?

Credit and thanks to Lennart Ante, Ingo Fiedler, and the Blockchain Research Lab for their contributions to this blog post.